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Lifeguarding Classes


Class Description
The American Red Cross Lifeguarding Program is the most recently updated program (r17) that the American Red Cross offers. The program is designed to be conducted in several modules. The program includes Lifeguard Training, First Aid, and CPR/AED. The program content includes patron surveillance, water rescues, first aid and how to provide care for adults, infants and children suffering from respiratory and cardiac emergencies. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a Lifeguarding, First Aid and CPR/AED Certification valid for 2 years. See below for current classes

1.  Must be at least 15 years old by the completion of the course
2.  Must attend and actively participate in all class sessions
3.  No make-ups.
5.  Swim Goggles can only be used for the 300 yard swim
6.  All body piercing and jewelry must be removed during water training and testing
7.  Participants must wear proper and appropriate swimwear. For Men, gym shorts are not permitted and Women are required to wear a one piece swimsuit

The pre-test consists of swimming skills that will help the instructor determine if the candidates abilities are enough to participate in the program. The skill test includes:
1.  300 yard (12 pool lengths) continuous swim. Must demonstrate breath control and rhythmic breathing and may swim using only the front crawl or breaststroke or the combination of both. No swimming on back or side. Swim Goggles may be used.
2.  Swim 20 yards, surface dive to bottom of pool (7-10ft deep), retrieve a 10lb brick, return to the surface and swim back 20 yards to your original start point. This must be completed within 1 minute and 40 seconds. Swim goggles are not aloud. 
3.  Tread Water for 2 minutes using only the legs. Hand will be placed under the armpits.

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