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City Hall

The City of Medina was organized, formed and incorporated under the laws of the State of Ohio and adopted at an election on May 6, 1952.

It has a "Council-Mayor" general law form of government where the Mayor, the members of the City Council, and the city's Finance Director are elected on a non-partisan basis by the citizenry. Council is comprised of seven (7) members, four members that represent a respective ward of the City, two at-large members and the Council President. The Council President is an elected position.

The Mayor's staff, which are appointed positions approved by the Council, is comprised of ten (10) departments; Building, Economic Development, Engineering, Fire, Law, Parks, Planning and Zoning, Police, Recreation Center, and Service. There are approximately  388 employees (including part-time and seasonal) that work for the City.

The offices of City Hall are located at 132 North Elmwood Avenue - 1 block north and west of Medina's Historic Square.

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