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Civil Service/Human Resources

The Civil Service Commission is responsible for the testing and preparing eligibility lists for original appointments and for promotions of classified employees and maintains eligibility lists for the benefit of appointing authorities.

The Civil Service Commission is responsible to hear appeals from the action of an appointing authority in any case of transfer, reduction or removal. The Commission shall affirm, disaffirm, or modify the decision on appeal.

The Commission shall keep record of its proceedings and examinations, which shall be open to public inspection.

The Medina Civil Service Commission for the City of Medina and Medina City Schools is located in Medina City Hall, 132 North Elmwood Avenue, Lower Level, Medina OH 44256. This office oversees the employment for the City of Medina and the Medina City Schools classified staff.

Laureen Wilson
Phone: 330.722.9077
Fax: 330.722.9036
Contact at: [email protected]

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