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Find the Hydrant Flushing Schedule for the City of Medina.

Water Department

To establish new water / rubbish service from the City of Medina, a water/rubbish application card must be completed at the Water Service Office located at Medina City Hall, 132 North Elmwood Avenue. The application card is necessary for both owners and tenants of established water/rubbish accounts. Effective 10/25/2023, a deposit of $200 is required at the time of application.

To discontinue water/rubbish service from the City of Medina it is necessary to contact the Water Service Office at(330) 722-9081 to request a final water meter reading to "final" out the account. An appointment must be made to inspect and read the water meter before moving out of the property.

To contact the water department after hours, please call the non-emergency number at the Medina Police . Department at (330) 725-7777. The dispatch center will contact a water department employee to return your call.


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