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MedinaTV operates the government and educational access centers for the residents of Medina, Ohio. We can be found on cable channels 36 or 201 (Education) and 37 (Government) for Armstrong Cable subscribers in the Medina area.

MedinaTV is a partnership between the City of Medina and Medina City Schools. We are funded by the franchise fee paid by Armstrong Cable to the City of Medina. The franchise fee is the rental charge for Armstrong to use the poles in the city right of way to run their fiber optic cable.

MedinaTV began operation in 1995 as an educational access channel and in 1997 the government access channel made its debut.

Weekly schedules are subject to change. Live programming will not be listed. MCS Board Meetings are Live every 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30pm. City Council Meetings are Live every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 7:30pm.

Watch the Medina City Schools Channel 201 Live  here.

Watch MedinaTV, Medina City Schools Channel On Demand.

Watch the City of Medina Channel 37 Live here.

Watch MedinaTV, City of Medina Channel On Demand

Click on logo to watch your favorite programs on the web at your convienence.


You can also watch our programming on YouTube at the following links:

City of Medina

Medina City Schools

We are also on Facebook


Contact Us:

MedinaTV 777 East Union Street Medina, OH  44256

Phone: (330) 636-3456 Fax: (330) 636-3459


Jarrod Fry in Grey shirt and tie portrait 
General Manager:  Jarrod Fry (330)-636-3456 
Email: [email protected]

Photo of MedinaTV Operations Manager Miles Reed
Operations Director:  Miles Reed (330)-636-3457
Email: [email protected]

Photo of MedinaTV ,Technical Operations Director, Matt Tomek
Technical Ops. Director:  Matt Tomek (330)-636-3455
Email: [email protected]

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