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Law Department

Click here: City of Medina Codified Ordinances.

City of Medina Prosecutor's Office

Gregory A. Huber - Law Director
Law Director, Prosecutor   
330.722.9070 phone  330.723.3508 fax
[email protected]

J. Matthew Lanier
Assistant Law Director, Prosecutor   
330.722.9070 phone  330.723.3508 fax
[email protected] 

Megan A. Philbin
330.722.9070 phone  330.723.3508 fax
[email protected]

Robert B. Campbell
330.722.9070 phone  330.723.3508 fax
[email protected]

Dena Haswell
Law Department Office Administrator
330.722.9070 phone  330.723.3508 fax
[email protected]

For Service Purposes:
email to: [email protected]
fax to: 330.723.3508


Litigation: Represents the City in matters pending in various forums, including matters involving civil-rights and police misconduct claims, contracts and construction disputes, environmental issues, and First-Amendment matters. It defends the City in negligence actions and pursues claims where the City is a victim of property damage.

Labor and Employment: Counsels City departments on labor and employment matters, defends departments in employment litigation and administrative hearings, and negotiates with labor unions.

Port Control & Utilities: Counsels and represents the City's water utilities and airport.

Legislation and Finance:  Counsels the City regarding municipal law and finances, drafts legislation and contracts, and prosecutes tax cases.

Real Estate and Development:  Helps the City's economic-development efforts by counseling and crafting real-estate and development transactions for job creation.

Public Safety:  Counsels the police and fire departments in all areas of law.

Criminal Division: Also known as the "Prosecutors' Office," this division prosecutes misdemeanor crimes, including domestic violence, assault, traffic offenses, and theft. Prosecutors also review incidents to determine if criminal charges are appropriate.

The prosecutors protect the residents' quality of life through enforcement of the City's housing, building, fire, health, and zoning codes.

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