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Find out Information about Utilities offered in the City of Medina.


The following maps are best printed in color and, for many, on 14 X 11 or 17 X 14 paper for better clarity:

Bike Trails in Medina County will provide routes throughout the county and through many of the cities where the designated trails run.

CEDA and the City of Medina Map shares the location of the property that is located in York Township and its relationship to the city of Medina. The property is now industrial zoned for development.

CEDA Map 2 enlarges the CEDA location.

The Community Facilities Map depicts the location of the City of Medina's community facilities including the following:  •City of Medina Facilities •Public Parks & Recreation •School Facilities •County Facilities •Other, Quasi-Public & Private Facilities The Community Reinvestment Area

The Existing Land Use Map depicts the current zoning classifications and land uses for the city.

The Future Land Use Map is used as a guide for both development and redevelopment within the City.  The map should be used as a tool to guide future land use policies and decisions, and reflects responsible use and reuse of land that is consistent with the community's visions.

The Historic District and Transitional Corridor Overlay Map highlights the Historic District and the major arteries entering the district. These two areas have special requirements in regards to building and planning requirements. See Planning and Zoning Department on questions regarding building

The Medina Corridor Action Map depicts the nine corridors throughout the City of Medina which carry a majority of the traffic in the City.

The Medina Neighborhood Action Map depicts a general representation of neighborhood characteristics in order to provide a snapshot of the condition of the City.

The Natural Features Map indicates flood prone areas, ground water pollution potential areas, open water, shallow marshes and woods on hydric soil.

The Regional Location Map shows Medina's location in regard to the state and the region of northeast Ohio. 

The Rocky River Watershed Maps depicts the tributaries and runoff of the Rocky River in the city and county of Medina.

The Thoroughfare Plan Map references and graphically depicts the locations of the facilities  for the basic transportation network in a community which consists of the pathways and facilities used to move people and products from one location to another.  Usually the network includes:  •Facilities for automobile and truck transport •Railways, rail stations, and intermodal facilities •Waterways and ports •Airways and airports •Bicycle circulation facilities  •Pedestrian ways The Traffic Count Maps available are the Medina County Traffic Count, Medina City Traffic Count, Historic District Traffic Count and Uptown Square Traffic Count

The Medina City Zoning Map indicates the residential, commercial, industrial, multi-use and publicly zoned areas of the city.

The Medina City Ward Map shows the boundaries for each of the four wards in the City.

The Full District Parking Map shows the available public parking areas in the downtown Central Business District.       



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