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Comprehensive Plan

In September of 2022, the City of Medina adopted an update to its Comprehensive Plan.  The Plan was a result of over a year-long planning process guided by the city's consultant, OHM Advisors, which included significant public input and guidance from a steering committee.  The Comprehensive Plan serves as the cornerstone for many decisions related to how the community grows and is planned. Specifically, the plan facilitates the following objectives:

  • Lay out a "big picture" for future growth;
  • Consider the entire geographic area, including neighboring townships, county, and regional initiatives;
  • Integrate input from key city staff and personnel to create collaboration among visions, programs, and policies;
  • Inform the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP);
  • Set a plan and direction for future development and zoning changes; and
  • Determine how best to integrate new development within the existing network.

The Comprehensive Plan is intended to be general in nature, flexible, and serve as a 'guide' for decision making.

(Click Here or the image above to go to the Comprehensive Plan)

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