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Fun for Kids

How to Create a Pinhole Projector

Want to view the eclipse but don't have eclipse glasses? You can view the solar eclipse via an indirect method, which does not involve looking directly at the sun. Take a piece of cardboard (paper, index cards, or similar materials will work too) and punch a 1/4" or smaller hole through the center of the cardboard. With the sun directly behind you, you can safely view the projected image on the ground or on another piece of paper. 

You can also use a colander as a pinhole projector.

Note: Do NOT look at the Sun through a pinhole projector!

Eclipse Chalk Art

You will need:

  • Paper, dark blue or black. Smooth cardstock paper works best

    (not construction paper).

  • White, non-toxic chalk

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Masking tape

  • Circle templates cut from cardstock, file folders or cereal boxes

How to Make:

  1. Make circle templates on stiff paper. 

  2. Place the template on a piece of dark paper. Secure with a loop of masking tape or simply hold down with one hand.

  3. Draw a thick circle of chalk around the template. Go around 2 or 3 times. It does not need to be neat.

  4. Holding the template in place, smudge the chalk away from the center of the circle using a finger to create the corona of the sun.

  5. When you are done smudging, remove the circle template.

  6. Add words, pictures, or fun designs.

  7. You’ve made total solar eclipse art! 

Send a Postcard to Space

Earth is finite. To protect our gem of a planet and enable a future of abundance and growth, Earth needs space. Write or draw your vision on a postcard for what you think the future will look like—or any other message you’d like to send to space. Send your postcard to Club for the Future, they'll launch it to space and back on a New Shepard rocket, stamp it "Flown to Space," and return it to you. Send as many postcards as you'd like—they'll fly them all!

For more information and to send your postcard, click HERE.

Eclipse Booklist

Interested in learning more about eclipses?

Try these books recommended by the Medina County District Library!

Download a copy of the booklist with links to these stellar titles in the Medina County District Library's catalog HERE.

Solar Eclipse Coloring Pages

Total Solar Eclipse

Download HERE.

Meet Me in Medina

Download HERE.

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