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Eclipse 2024: Getting Your Business Ready

Key steps as an owner, president, or manager responsible for your place of business to consider
so that you’re prepared for the influx of visitors on/around April 8, 2024:

Food and Hospitality

  • Hospitality providers consider full staffing and perhaps bringing in extra help.

  • Food/drink establishments consider increasing food/drink supplies for eclipse weekend to meet higher-than-usual demand. Focus on items that can be stored or frozen to eliminate the possibility of spoilage of unsold items.

  • Lodging establishments consider opening reservations for this weekend earlier than the usual 1 year out and setting a 3-night minimum, including the night of Monday, April 8, to help prevent post-eclipse traffic jams. No price gouging — you want these guests to return someday!

  • Be aware of, and plan to avoid, potential supply-chain issues with tents/canopies, port-apotties, entertainment, etc.

Plan for Deliveries and Appointments

  • If you supply gasoline or other flammable products and expect deliveries on April 6, 7, or 8, 2024, rescheduled for before or after those dates to lessen or eliminate the potential hazard posed by higher-than-normal traffic in and through your community.

  • If you are a pharmacy or doctor’s office encourage prescriptions to be filled before April 6 or after April 8 to avoid traffic congestion and a scarcity of parking spaces.

  • Avoid scheduling appointments and meetings on April 8, as most if not all will be cancelled at the last minute due to enthusiasm for the eclipse and/or problems with traffic congestion.

  • Schedule deliveries and shipments before April 6 or after April 8 to avoid eclipse-related delays.

Make This a “Once in a Lifetime” Experience for All

  • Consider entertainment to attract patrons during the weekend leading up to the eclipse and to encourage them to stay for at least several hours after the eclipse.

  • Create food & drink specials to attract eclipse customers and increase your sales.

  • Make eclipse-friendly signage on your property, for example, “Welcome Eclipse Visitors!”

  • Allow parking for eclipse guests or make sure you have signage designating that parking is for employees only.

  • Provide trash receptacles to eliminate potential littering around your business.

  • If possible, assist, sponsor, or volunteer for your chamber’s effort to provide fun and educational activities in your community before and after the eclipse.

  • Schools: This is a huge educational opportunity for students of all ages. Consider inviting schools outside the path to gather on your campus for the eclipse. Consider a “parent day” to help teachers with the safety of using eclipse glasses for younger classes.

  • If you are a library, engage readers in science/astronomy themed activities. Hold star parties or speaker presentations to help educate about the eclipse in your region.

This document can be downloaded HERE.

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