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Inner Planets & Beyond Scavenger Hunt


  1. The Inner Planets and Beyond Scavenger Hunt is for a limit of 120 kids ages 5 to 13.

  2. You can begin your hunt on Saturday from Noon until 5:00 pm and Sunday from Noon to 3:00 pm. Remember, only 120 kids can compete, so don’t start so late that you miss out on being included.

  3. It will take 1½ to 2 hours to complete the entire hunt, and it will end promptly at 5:00 pm on both days.

  4. The hunt will require a car and diver/pilot. It might also help to have a navigator.

  5. You will be given clues to help you find each planet’s Medina location.

  6. The Solar System will include stops in the City of Medina, Medina Township and Sharon Township.

  7. Read each clue carefully as you will be asked to answer questions about each location before getting your sticker.

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