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City Parks for Best Solar Eclipse Viewing

These parks have more open space with fewer trees to block viewing.


Huffman Park
4400 Weymouth Road 
This is a great viewing location with ample parking. There is playground equipment, a permanent restroom near the pavilion, and additional portable restrooms will be brought in.


Fred Greenwood Park
350 Sturbridge Drive
This park also has good viewing and ample parking.  It also has two restroom facilities and playground equipment.


Ray Mellert Park
331 North Huntington Street
The ballfields and parking off of North Huntington Street and Foundry Street make this a good area for viewing. There is playground equipment, large and small dog parks, and restrooms available.


Reagan Upper Park
949 Weymouth Road
There is ample parking, permanent and portable restrooms, and playground equipment.


Medina Recreation Center
855 Weymouth Road
The Medina Rec will host a viewing party on April 8 from noon until 4:30 pm.  There is parking, restrooms, and there will be food tucks. 


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