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CHIP Program

Community Housing Impact & Preservation (CHIP) Program

On October 21, 2022, the City of Medina, in Partnership with the City of Brunswick was awarded a Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) Grant for the Program Year 2022. The CHIP Program allows the City of Medina to make funding available for the programs below to existing, income-qualified, owner-occupied households who reside within the City of Medina OR the City of Brunswick.


Available Assistance

The City of Medina has funds available for Private Owner Rehabilitation and Home Repair assistance, as described below. Funding amounts are determined by housing needs assessed by the Rehabilitation Specialist at inspection.

Funding for this round of the CHIP has been utilized.  If awarded, the next round of funding will become available in late 2024 or early 2025.  


Private Owner Rehabilitation

To bring properties up to residential rehabilitation standards:
Updating Electrical - Plumbing - Septic and Well Systems - Heating - Foundations - Hot Water Heaters - Roof Repairs and Replacements - Siding – Windows

There are no monthly payments, no interest will be charged, and no credit check is needed.

Beginning with the Program Year 2022 CHIP, assistance will be in the form of a declining loan that is 100% forgiven over five years. 


Home Repair

For issues that pose a threat to the health and/or safety of the occupants:
Replacement of Non-Working Furnace - Hot Water Heaters - Roof Repairs or Replacements - Water/Sewer Hook-ups - Ramps and Accessibility Improvements - Updating Hazardous Electrical - Septic and Well Systems

Homeowners receiving home repair assistance will receive a grant.  No payment is required.


Income Limits

Assistance is available to those households whose incomes are at or below the following income limits:

Number of Persons in Household Income Limits
1 person $47,850
2 person $54,650
3 person $54,650
4 person $61,500
5 person $68,300
6 person $73,800
7 person $79,250
8 person $84,700

Effective 04-01-2022, subject to change



For questions or concerns regarding Fair Housing, please contact:

Sarah Tome
City of Medina 
[email protected]

Brandi Cowell, Housing Specialist
CHIP Program Consultant
Kleinfelder, LLC
(877) 836-3206 (Toll-Free)
[email protected]


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