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Apply for an accessory structure permit and zoning certificate

Planning Applications & Submittal Requirements


Boards & Commissions Application (2024 Boards & Commissions Meeting Schedule)

Zoning Certificate Application for Minor Projects (Fences, Accessory Buildings/Sheds, & Driveways)

Zoning Certificate/Building Permit Application for Major Projects (New Home/Principal Structure, Addition, etc.)

Sign Permit Application (Permanent Sign)

Sign Permit Application (Temporary Sign)

Parking Permit Application (Available to Downtown Residents)


Submittal Requirements - Boards and Commission

Planning Commission

Site Plan

Conditional Zoning Certificate

Code or Map Amendment

Preliminary Plan (Subdivision)

Final Plat (Subdivision)

Conditional Sign (Electronic Message Center or Large Shopping Center)

Certificate of Appropriateness (Property in the Transitional Corridor Overlay District)

Historic Preservation Board

Certificate of Appropriateness (Property in the Historic District)

Conditional Sign (Property in the Historic District)

Board of Zoning Appeals

Variance (Response to Criteria Sheets - Area Variance, Sign Variance, & Use Variance)




Fee Schedule

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