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Apply for an accessory structure permit and zoning certificate

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance Code Enforcement

The Property Maintenance Code Inspector is aimed to preserve and protect the community through diligent enforcement of Building Codes & Ordinances for the:

  • Appearance
  • Economic Stability
  • Preservation
  • Public Health
  • Public Safety
  • Quality of life

We receive tenant complaints regarding housing conditions/safety hazards and neighborhood or business concerns for blight properties on Commercial and Residential Buildings.

Register a Complaint

An inspector will research the complaint and take the appropriate action. You can report complaints to Tom Cromer by phone 330-722-9032, Fax 330-764-4385 or email [email protected].

Complaint Form

Concentrated Code Enforcement

At various times, we perform Concentrated Code Enforcement in the City. Concentrated Code Enforcement is a house-to-house inspection in Code Enforcement Areas.

All buildings in a neighborhood focus area are inspected on the exterior for Property Maintenance issues.  It is a systematic and proactive approach to addressing code violations and is typically performed as part of the Neighborhood Enhancement Program.

Notification of Foreclosure Filing

Properties within the City of Medina that are in foreclosure are often left vacant and/or in deteriorating condition. The Notification of Foreclosure Filing provides the individual responsible for maintenance and a vacant building plan.

Notification of Foreclosure Filing Form


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