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About the Cemetery


  • How many people are buried in Spring Grove Cemetery? 

There are about 9,500 burials in the cemetery.

  •  When was Spring Grove Cemetery opened? 

It was opened in 1883.

  •  Where is the Spring Grove Cemetery office located? 

It is located off the Rt 18 entrance across from St Francis Xavier Church

  •  Can the Chapel be used for burial services? 

Yes, for a fee the chapel may be used for burial services.

  •  How much space is left at Spring Grove Cemetery? 

Spring Grove Cemetery is estimated to be 65% full.

  •  How much does a grave cost for a full interment?

 The price range varies from $550.00 to $850.00. Call the cemetery office for more details at 330-722-9056.

  •  How can I find out where someone is buried? 

If you call, write, email or visit the office during work hours and provide us with the full name of the person you are looking for; we will provide you with all the necessary information

  •  Why is there a cone next to a grave?

We place cones next to graves to indicate settling and that additional dry dirt to needed to level the ground.

  •  What is a foundation? 

It is the cement pad that is used to support a headstone or monument.

  •  When do you pour a foundation? 

We pour foundations three (3) times a year, between June and October

  •  Why are foundations necessary?

 Foundations are necessary so the the headstones or monuments have a stable surface in order that they do not shift or fall over

  •  What happened to my flowers? 

 Normally the wind blows the flowers off the headstones. If a staff member finds them and they are in good condition they are placed next to the building for a couple of weeks, if no one claims them or they become unsightly they are discarded

  •  Can you get rid of the geese in the cemetery? 

The geese are a protective species and the cemetery staff are fobidden to harm them. However, we are permitted to haze or chase them to discourage them from staying in the cemetery

  •  Why are there orange stakes along side the road in the winter?

 The stakes are placed there to mark the edge of the roadway for plowing and the safe navigation of vehicles

  •  When are the graves cleaned off? 

The cemetery employees clean the graves after March 15th  and October 15th each year. This process takes three full days

  •  How much of an area do I have to plant flowers in front of a monument? 

All monuments are permitted a seasonal planting area extending no more than 10 inches from the foundation on the burial side of a monument

  •  What kind of items can I place at a flush stone monument?

Only one (1) shepherd's hook or one (1) potted plant is permitted on a flush stone

  •  How do I go about getting a plaque and tree for a loved one?

You need to make an appointment with the Sexton of the cemetery and he will assist you in getting a plaque and tree     

James Hjort
City of Medina Sexton
733 E. Washington Street

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