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Forestry Services

The City of Medina manages and maintains approximately 13,000 trees in the public right of way, which is otherwise known as the “treelawn.” Typically the “treelawn” is the area between the street and sidewalk. However, in areas where there are no sidewalks the right of way is measured from the center of the road and is street specific. We also maintain many trees in the parks and municipal buildings within the city. We perform a variety of arboricultural services including tree pruning, tree removal, tree planting, tree fertilization, and stump grinding.
Tree Pruning
The City of Medina ensures that trees are trimmed properly and safely.
Reasons for pruning:
-To remove dead, dying, or diseased branches
-To allow proper clearance and visibility over streets and sidewalks
-To remove crossing, rubbing, or poorly attached branches
-To reduce co-dominant leaders to re-establish apical dominance
-Structure pruning to establish main scaffolding branches and ultimately stronger framework, corrective pruning or training.
Our systematic approach to pruning/trimming:
-Scheduled pruning is performed within the city by dividing it into five zones. Each zone is worked on until completion. We are on a five year pruning cycle. -Work order requests are completed as they are received by the forestry department, with the biggest priority being first. This work is completed as some trees require more maintenance than others and more often than not the Forestry Department is not aware of the problem. For example: obstruction of signs, streets, or sidewalks. To request a work order call the Forestry Department office.
 -Storm damage is completed by priority with the most hazardous being first. If you do have storm damage and the City has not performed any work on your tree we encourage you to call our office and notify us of the problem. Often times we are not aware of all storm damage.
Tree removal
The City of Medina will remove trees under certain circumstances. Every tree that is removed in the City has a reason. We are a Tree City USA and tree preservation is our goal, however once a tree starts showing signs of becoming a potential hazard it will be removed.
-The tree is dead or dying
-The tree is severely diseased or stressed or poses a hazard
-The tree has extensive decay and/or a major cavity
-It is in the best interest of the City
Most City trees are removed by our Forestry Department however; the larger trees are contracted out. If your tree is going to be removed you will receive a phone call notifying you and any questions will be answered at that time.
Tree Fertilization
The City will fertilize trees on an as needed basis with a general focus on the larger trees to try to preserve them. Not every tree showing stress will receive fertilization. Once a major problem is diagnosed a tree will be fertilized. Usually for newly planted trees less than 5 years old.
Stump Removal
Once a tree has been removed, the city will remove the stump. Typically a stump will be ground out once the utilities have been located near the stump. The utilities will be marked with flags and paint. After the stump is ground the forestry department will remove the grindings from the hole and backfill the area. This area will be allowed to settle for a few days. Once the area has settled we will add topsoil, spread grass seed, and straw. After this is completed, a tree will likely be planted to replace the one that was removed, if the given area is appropriate for a new tree.

For emergency storm damage
after hours call the
Medina Police Department

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 3:00 pm
Office is located in the Service Building at Spring Grove Cemetery

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