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Leaf Program

City of Medina 2023 Leaf Pick-up Program


We hope to begin Leaf pick-up during the week of October 23rd but this is dependent upon a sufficient amount of leaves falling. The city has three vacuum trucks dedicated to this program, and they will each make multiple passes through your area. The city will be divided north and south by Smith Road, and each truck will make multiple passes moving from east to west. The third truck will float throughout the city, working in areas were the volume of leaves is particularly heavy. There is no way to predict the exact dates that the trucks will pass through your neighborhood.


The city will make every attempt to pick up all the leaves before the weather turns cold and covers them with snow and ice. Leaves that are covered with snow and ice cannot be picked up until they thaw, as the snow and ice damage the vacuum equipment.


The cooperation of every resident is essential for the program to be successful. Please follow these guidelines:


  • Rake leaves to the tree lawn as soon as possible


  • Do not rake leaves into the street or you may be subject to a fine (Ord. 311-01) Leaves in the street pose a safety hazard and also clog the storm water drains.


  • Do not place branches or other debris in the leaves


  • Do not park vehicles on the street and block the leaf piles from being accessed


  • Do not allow children to play in leaf piles near the street


  • Please share these guidelines with your lawn service


PLEASE NOTE:  Due to staffing issues, there will NOT be a daily leaf map posted on the City website.

For any and all questions about the leaf program, please call (330) 725-LEAF.

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