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Find the Hydrant Flushing Schedule for the City of Medina.

Hydrant Flushing Schedule


In an effort to maintain water quality and ensure proper function of of our City's fire hydrants, the Water Department has an annual flushing program.  Each hydrant is checked to verify that it is in good working order.  Water is flowed for a period of time with the hydrant fully open to clean out the main and to make sure fresh water is getting to all areas of the distribution system.  During this process iron scale could be dislodged from the interior of the main.  This could cause the water at your faucet to come out pale yellow to brownish orange.  We attempt to get this discolored water flushed out through the hydrant before we move on to the next area.  If you experience discolored water please run your cold water until it clears. 


2021 Hydrant Flushing Schedule:



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