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Water Exercise Classes

WATER AEROBICS (15 Participants Max)

Instructor: Mary Beth Skunta
  • A great low to no impact resistance workout
  • Improve cardio endurance, increase strength and enhance flexibility, balance & stability
  • Class is held in 4 to 5 feet of water

ARTHRITIS AQUATICS (15 Participants Max)

Instructor: Mary Beth Skunta
  • Use the water to combine gentle movements and help decrease pain, stiffness and add range of motion.


 Aquatic Exercise for Fibromyalgia  (10 Participants Max)

•Designed for people with fibromyalgia or arthritis
•Exercises improve joint flexibility and pain relief
•Swimming skills are not necessary.
•Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00-3:00 pm
Fees: 5 Visit Punch Card: Member $20; Non-Member $35
Classes are held year round on a continuous basis in the MCRC Leisure Pool.
For more information leave a voice mail at 330-725-1000 ext# 3065


(15 Participants Max)

The SilverSneakers Splash class will activate your aqua urge for variety! SilverSneakers Splash offers LOTS of fun and shallow water moves to improve agility, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. No swimming ability is required! A special SilverSneaker Splash kickboard is used to develop strength, balance and coordination.

SilverSneakers Splash classes are free water fitness classes for SilverSneakers members.
  • No swimming ability required
  • Fun class with friends
  • Develop strength & balance
  • Shallow water moves to improve flexibility & cardiovasular endurance

Class is taught by Mary Beth Skunta, a certified SilverSneakers Instructor.  

Not a SilverSneakers member? You can pay a $8(members) or $10(non members) daily drop in to take any SilverSneakers Splash Class. 


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