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At-Risk Resident Registry

The Medina Police Department recognizes the need to be aware of the at-risk population it serves. On occasion, officers come in contact with individuals who are non-verbal, individuals who have Alzheimer’s or dementia, or individuals who suffer from various disabilities or mental illness. In an attempt at being proactive regarding these contacts, we are implementing a voluntary “At-Risk Resident Registry”.  A person who feels as though they are at-risk or a loved one of someone who is at-risk, may voluntarily submit a completed “At-Risk Resident Registry Form”. These forms ask basic questions about the individual, allows for a picture of the person to be submitted, and allowed for emergency contact information to be provided.

The Medina Police Department has always had a registration form available for known wanderers, however we are now able to log this information electronically in a local database instead of sitting in a drawer, not easily accessible in the event of an emergency. The information will be kept confidential, and will be accessed in the event it is needed.

A couple examples where this registry will be of benefit is in the event an officer comes across a non-verbal subject. The officer does not know who the person is, where the person lives, or who to contact. The registry would allow the officer to query known demographics about that person and look through a list of photographs in an attempt to identify that person and return them home safely. This is a situation officers encounter on occasion, be it an autistic person or someone suffering from Alzheimer’s for example.  Another example would be if the family notices this person to be missing before law enforcement locates them. While one officer is responding to meet with the complainant to gather additional information, other officers on duty can review the registry form and learn about places that person is known to frequent or enjoy.

Other uses are individuals who live alone, and simply wish for us to have information about an emergency contact, their medical alerts, or how best to enter their house in the event of an emergency. Individuals who wish for us to know about their own medical alert such as diabetes, prone to seizure, severe allergies, etc may also be included.

Link to At Risk Resident Form 

Please download the form to your computer desktop to add a photograph and email.

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