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Find the Hydrant Flushing Schedule for the City of Medina.

Boil Notices


Boil Notices are issued on occaision by the City to safeguard the public whenever conditions exist that could allow contamination of their water supply.  The most common example would be when a line has been depressurized.  This can happen when a main is shut down to repair a water main break, replace or repair a valve, or to make an interconnection to a new or existing main.  Usually the area affected is small and for water breaks those affected will have a fluorescent orange door hanger placed on their home or business stating they are under a boil order.  If it is a scheduled repair or interconnection a letter will be delivered in advance notifying them when the work is going to take place and an estimate of when and how long their service will be interrupted.

Once water service is restored, water department personnel will collect samples to take to a lab to check for the presence of coliform bacteria.  When the lab reports that these bacteria are not present a Boil Lift will be issued.  At this point, a fluorescent yellow door hanger will be placed on those homes and businesses that were affected stating that they are no longer under a Boil Notice.

Please click the link below for more information on any active Boil Notices:


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