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Back Flow Department

The Backflow Department's purpose is to help ensure the quality of your drinking water in the distribution system.  Backflow prevention is all about keeping harmful substances from being drawn into the water system from someone's home or business.  City Ordinance #134-00 grants the Service Director the authority to require a backflow device wherever it is deemed necessary.  The two most common situations that require such protection is places with irrigation systems and those with boiler heat.  For irrigation systems, these devices must be tested upon startup of the system each year by a certified backflow tester and the test results forwarded to the City of Medina Backflow Coordinator, P.O. Box 703 Medina, OH 44258. Most sprinkler contractors have a certified tester on their staff and can easily do this for their customers.  For all water customers with boiler heat, they must have an ASSE 1013 reduced pressure backflow preventer installed on the boiler makeup waterline. The commonly used untestable devices are not permitted in the City of Medina. Each device must be tested on a yearly basis and the results sent to the City of Medina Backflow Coordinator, P.O. Box 703, Medina, OH 44258.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Backflow Office at (330) 721-8417. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Informational Backflow Brochure

List of Backflow Contractors

Backflow Device Test Form

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