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Fred Greenwood Park


Four vies of the Park highlighting the splash pad on a sunny day

Entrance:                  On West Sturbridge Drive across from A. I. Root
                                  Middle School, pedestrian entrance on
                                  Providence Drive

Size:                          38 Acres

Amenities:                Soccer Fields (3), Softball Fields (3), T-Ball Fields (2),
                                  Pavilion, New Play Structure and Swing Set,
                                  Splash Pad, Paved Walking Trail (1/8 mile), Permanent Restroom

Details:                      Three soccer fields are at the back end of the park,
                                   restrooms available at the concession stand
                                   during Splash Pad season

Pavilion:                    Size - 42' x 32'    Seating capacity 65-75 people, 
                                  electricity, water and grill available

Play Structure:          Playground structure with swing set next to the pavilion

Concessions:              Concession stand open during softball games

Splash Pad:                The splash pad WILL BE opening on June 2nd. The hours remain the same 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

                                    The pad will now be MOTION activated. Check out this link for more information. Motion Activation

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