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Huffman/Cunningham Park

 Various photos of Huffman park.

Entrance On Weymouth Rd. (corner of Huffman and Weymouth Roads)
Size 210 Acres
Amenities Huffman Soccer Fields (3), Cunningham Soccer Fields (4),
  1.4 mile Walking Trail, Mountain Bike Trail, Pavilion,
  Play Structures (2), Permanent Restroom, Nature Trail
Walking Trail Fine Gravel trail for walkers extending around Cunningham Soccer Fields (1.4 mi.)
Pavilion Size 53' x 33', Seating Capacity 45-50 people
  Electricity is not Available, Grill is Available
Play Structure Fiberglass play structures at both fields
Bike Trail A total of 10.5 miles of mountain bike trails in Reagan Park and Huffman/Cunningham Fields

For trail information go to Medina Trails


Permanent restroom located near the pavilion.

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