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Apply for a block party permit in the City. (Mayor's Office)

Reagan Park

The sledding hill on a sunny day with indiviudals in the background enjoying the fun


On Weymouth Road


On East Reagan


226 Acres


Baseball Fields (6), Bill Dunn Football Field, Basketball Court (1),  Basketball Courts, 


1/10 - 1/8th scale Radio Controlled Car Track, Sledding Hills, Pavilions (2), 

The Basketball Courts are currently OPEN.

RC Track and Skate Park are now OPEN.


Multi - purpose Trails and Mountain Bike Trails.


Upper area: Size 27' x 22'; Seating capacity 35 - 45 people


Lower area: Size 40 x 36'; Seating capacity 65 - 75 people


Electricity and Grills are available at both pavilions

Bike Trails

A total of 10.5 miles of mountain bike trails are available at Reagan and Huffman/Cunningham.


Fields. For trail information go to Medina Trails

Multi-Purpose Trais

Walking / Jogging / Biking Trails along Reagan Parkway and trhoughout the park


Permanent restroom located near ball fields and portable restrooms area 

  throughout the park during the season.

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