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Mountain Bike Trails Map

The Medina City Parks Department is pleased to showcase the nearly 10 miles of mountain bike trails at Reagan Park with various degrees of difficulty.  The single-track trails were designed and constructed by C.A.M.B.A. (Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association) volunteers and are maintained by them and the Medina City Parks Department.  The trails marked in green are for beginner/intermediate riders, the yellow is for intermediate/advanced riders, and the red is for advanced riders.  Trails can be ridden in both directions but please be cautious if you are riding against the general trail flow.  These trails are also occasionally shared by walkers and joggers and provide a unique view and experience of the Medina City Parks system.  To download an app with complete maps, vertical profiles, descriptions and photos for every ride and trail click here and type "Reagan" in the search field.

Click here to download a copy of this map or to view a larger image

Map of mountain bike trails

 For trail conditions click here: Medina Trails


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