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Memorial Park

The Pavilion in the distance and a freshly mwed field

Entrance On East Homestead Drive
Size 10.75 Acres
Amenities J.U.M.P. Playground, Pavilion, Disc Golf
  Play Structure, Sledding Hills, Wooded Area
J.U.M.P. Park Wood Structure Playground, Swings, Mini Basketball Court
Pavilion Size - 56' x 31', Seating Capacity 75-90 people
  Electricity, Water and Grill Available
  Portable handicapped and regular restrooms on site during season
Play Structure  Fiberglass structure (Behind Pool) 
Dog Park  A 146' x 115' fenced in area to run dogs unleashed 
Sledding Hills  Smaller hills for sled riding 
Wooded Area  Behind J.U.M.P. Playground 
Disc Golf 9 hole Disc Golf Course for beginners
Memorial Pool For information on Memorial Pool, please click here

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