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Community Outreach

The Medina Fire Department aims to provide the highest level of service to our residents. We believe that goes beyond responding to emergencies and it is our goal to be a resource to the community to provide you with relevant information to make our community a better and safer place. We will post updates and events here to keep our residents informed of ways the Fire Department is involved in the community.

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Medina Fire Department Facebook Page  

Medina and Montville Townships Bridge Program: Are you a property owner in Medina Township or Montville Township who has a bridge or culvert underneath your driveway? The Medina Fire Department has started a new safety initiative to inspect private bridges and culverts to ensure they will handle the weight of a fire truck should we ever need to respond to your property in the event of an emergency. If they can, we will place a small sign which will indicate to firefighters it is safe to drive across. Without prior inspection and approval, responding fire trucks will stage on the road to ensure the bridge or culvert doesn't collapse as the truck crosses, potentially leading to damage to the truck and a slower response. Knowing the bridge or culvert is safe in advance will provide a faster and safer response to the property owner’s emergency. This is a free service, contact Operations Captain Steve Ingersol at 330-725-1772 to schedule an inspection.

Hearing Impaired Smoke Detector Program: Do you or someone you know suffer from a hearing disability? If so, it could make hearing household smoke detectors in the event of a fire problematic. Commercial buildings are required by fire code to flash a strobe light in addition to beeping to alert the hard of hearing to an emergency, but most residential smoke detectors only beep. For deaf individuals and people with hearing aids that take them out at night to sleep, this means that they might not be alerted to a fire with adequate time to get out of the house safely. Many people do not know that they make bedside units that are designed to be linked to existing smoke detectors in the home that will both flash and vibrate a sensor under a mattress to wake a sleeping hearing-impaired person and alert them to the emergency. The Ohio State Fire Marshal’s Office is offering a grant program called Project Safe to assist individuals who qualify with obtaining these specially designed smoke detectors free of charge. The application must be submitted through your local fire department for processing. We are asking residents of the City of Medina, Medina Township and Montville Township who are interested in obtaining one of these devices to fill out the application below and bring it in to Medina Fire Station 1, located at 300 West Reagan Parkway, during weekday business hours from 8am to 4pm. Please complete everything on the form outlined in the box, starting with 'recipient name" and we will fill out the top portion of the application when you bring the form in to the Fire Station. If you have any questions, please call 330-725-1772. We will be happy to assist our residents with applying for and receiving these potentially life saving devices. Smoke detectors save lives, but they only work if you can hear them, so please help us by spreading the word to those who can benefit from this program so we can make Medina and the Townships we serve a safer community for all. 

Project Safe Voucher Waiver Application

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