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Station 1

Station 1 is located at 300 West Reagan Parkway and was built in 1992. The Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, Operations Captain, and Duty Crew all work out of this Station from 8am-12am on weekdays and 8am-4pm on weekends. It has several offices, a watch room, a training/meeting room, a work out area, a newly renovated kitchen, and an apparatus bay. It is often used for community events like blood drives and voting. Station 1 houses several pieces of apparatus, including Ladder-1, Engine-1, Brush-6, Utility-2, Utility-3, a boat, and an LST Ambulance.  


Station 1


Station 1 Apparatus








Station 2

Station 2 is located at 500 Lake Road and was built in 1989. This firehouse is strategically positioned to cover the industrial district of Medina, due to the fact that many of the factories there use large quantities of hazardous chemicals and flammable materials.  It has a watch room, a training/meeting room, a maintenance bay and an apparatus bay. Station 2 houses several pieces of apparatus, including Ladder-2, Engine-2, and Utility-1. Also located at this house is a historic pumper that is used for parades and other community events. It is a 1946 American LaFrance.

Medina Fire Station 2









1946 American LaFrance



Station 3

Station 3 is located at 1000 Wadsworth Road and was built in 1990. It has a watch room, a training/meeting room and an apparatus bay. Station 3 houses our newest truck, a 2015 quint-pumper with a 75 foot aerial ladder, Engine-3. Also located at this firehouse is Engine 3/R and the Heavy Rescue truck, Rescue-3. The last piece of apparatus housed at Station 3 is our Gator all-terrain vehicle. This new piece of equipment allows us to better respond to brush fires and a variety of off road rescue situations.  


Station 3













Station 5

Station 5 is located at 6665 Wadsworth Road. It is part of Montville Township's Safety Services Center, which houses Montville Police, LST and Medina Fire. It was built in 2011. At this station, we have one of our newest pumpers, Engine 5. MFD is contracted to provide fire and rescue services to Montville Township, and by having a truck stationed here, we are able to decrease our response times in the area.


Station 5







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